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Vote For The Fan Favorite

The 150 winning entries in C-SPAN's 2019 StudentCam competition are in the process of being finalized, but as a preview, we are sharing some of the top videos from each of the 4 prize divisions in this year's competition (as determined by C-SPAN's judges). We are asking you to view each of these videos and to cast your vote for your favorite documentary. You may vote for your favorite video once per hour. Voting is blind (meaning no vote tally will be displayed) and the order in which the videos are displayed randomizes every time the page is refreshed. Voting is also based on your IP address. If you have zero votes to cast, then someone on your IP address has already cast a vote for one of the videos. You may vote for your favorite video between Monday, February 25 and midnight PST on Sunday, March 3.

Your vote will not determine the placement of the Grand, First, or Second Prize winning entries, but the documentary that receives the most number of votes will receive a secondary cash prize of $500 and will be recognized as the 2019 "Fan Favorite."

Please note that all of the 150 main StudentCam prizes awarded by C-SPAN judges will be decided independently of your vote.

To view the complete list of 150 winning documentaries, as well as the winner of this year's "Fan Favorite" award, log-on to on Wednesday, March 13 at 9am ET.

For more information about the StudentCam competition, visit

Submission Period

Entry submission starts at 12:00 AM Feb 21, 2019 and ends at 02:59 PM Feb 22, 2019.

Voting Period

Voting starts at 12:00 AM Feb 25, 2019 and ends at 11:59 PM Mar 03, 2019.