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Creatively answer the following...

As we witness ongoing and escalating global threats to our fundamental human rights and democratic values, the legacy of Robert F. Kennedy, more than fifty years after his historic run for president, takes on an even greater sense of meaning and urgency. For the 2019 contest, make a connection between your chosen defender and the work of RFK, which could be done through the use of a quote, archival footage, or by including a connection in the narration.


    ** The contest is open to middle and high school students (Grades 6-12).
    ** Finalists will be showcased on the AFT, ShareMyLesson, and RFK Human Rights websites, as well as possible placement in The Tribeca Film Festival.
    ** Students may compete individually or in a group. (Prizes awarded per winning video.)
    ** The student documentary must be creative, inspiring, informative and teach others about a human rights issue and the defenders making a difference. Its objective should be to clearly highlight specific current human rights issues and inform viewers about individuals involved in addressing that issue. We will place high priority on creative and story-driven interpretations of the subject.
    ** Each submission must follow copyright / fair usage laws and include proper citation at the conclusion of the video.
    ** All video must be uploaded to the judging website by published deadline.